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Black Powder Guns & Accessories

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Traditions Ball Starter

Hand-filling round knob is preferred by many for comfort and control. Solid hardwood and brass construction stands up to years of use. [more]

Traditions Super Magnum Pellet Quick Loader

An all-in-one loader and starter. Holds three 50 grain Pyrodex pellets in one end and a projectile in the other. The covers double as cappers, one #11 and one musket. "T" functions as a convenient ball starter. Contains 2 loaders per container. [more]

Traditions 5-in-1 Loader

An affordable ball/bullet starter, powder measure, palm saver, built-in capper and powder/projectile holder, all in one easy-to-carry, easy-to-use, easy-to-see tool. [more]

Traditions Breech Plug And Nipple Grease

Specially formulated for use on all black powder firearms. It is designed to help the shooter with easy removal of both breech plugs and nipples and to guard against corrosion. Syringe permits pin point, no mess application. Made in the USA. . [more]

Traditions Universal In-line Nipple Wrench

A two ended wrench for In-Line muzzleloaders. Lightweight, easy to carry. Fits most side-locks too. [more]

Traditions Ez Load Sabots

Get the benefits of a sabots accuracy with the ease of loading of a belted style bullet. Traditions EZ load sabots answer both needs. The 3 petal design allows ease of loading using only one finger. [more]

Traditions Deluxe Nipple Wrench

Hardened steel tool installs and removes nipples on side-lock muzzleloaders. Brass end cap houses nipple pick for cleaning inside of nipple. [more]

Traditions T-handle Ball Starter

Traditional design in solid hardwood and brass, with a sure grip to start any ball or bullet. [more]

Traditions Thunder™ Nipples

The Thunder Nipple uses an 8mm thread that tapers at the end to lock into the Thunder Dome™ breech plug. This magnum ignition system assures you a torch-like flame to ignite the powder. [more]

Traditions Field Powder Measure

A calibrated, brass pocket-size measure to carry while hunting. Adjustable to hold from 30-120 grains. [more]

Traditions Revolver Nipple Wrench

Fits all 1851, 1860 and 1858 revolvers. Nipple pick attached to brass cap. [more]

Traditions Revolver Nipples

Three per pack. Fits Pietta revolvers. [more]

Traditions Wonderlube 1000 Plus™ Shooting Patches

Already lubed for quick reloads. 100% cotton patches lubed with the all natural WonderLube 1000 Plus™. Proven to reduce fouling and save loading and cleaning time. [more]

Traditions 209 Quick Loaders

An all in one loader and starter. Holds three 50 grain Pyrodex pellets in one end and a projectile in the other. The top can be used as a 209 capper. [more]

Traditions Deluxe Ball Starter

Comfortable round-handle design with solid brass short starter and full length starter rods. Conveniently screws onto your ramrod to serve as an extension/palm saver. Fits .32 to .58 cal. 10/32 threads on both ends. [more]

Traditions Hand-knapped English Flints

5/8" English flints, the best sparking stone available, hand-knapped for a dependable shower of sparks. [more]

Traditions Revolver Powder Measure

Perfectly sized for revolver chambers and small-bore rifles. Accurately measures loads from 5-45 grains. Solid Brass. [more]

Traditions Universal Fast Loader

Handy container... one side holds extra patched balls or bullets. The other side will hold pre-measured amounts of black powder or Pyrodex. Contains 3 loaders per container. [more]

Traditions Retractable Nipple Pick For In-line Muzzleloaders

Brass body with push-up slide extends nipple pick at an angle to reach In-Line rifle nipples. [more]

Traditions Blackened Field Capper

Compact solid brass with a durable blackened finish for non-glare field use. Holds 10 No. 11 Caps. [more]

Traditions Ez Clean™ Solvent

Designed to take off all Pyrodex™ residue and other fouling. Offered in a easy spray bottle. [more]

Traditions Wonder Wads
$12.99 - $15.99

100% wool wads, lubed with all natural WonderLube 1000 Plus™. Will improve performance and accuracy with revolver balls, conical bullets, and 12 gauge black powder shotguns. [more]

Traditions Straight Line Capper

Solid brass carries 15 No. 11 caps ready for precise dispensing. [more]

Traditions Bore Light

An indispensable aid for all muzzleloader shooters. Brass light drops down muzzle of any rifle or pistol .50 cal. or larger to brightly illuminate bore interior. Alkaline batteries included. [more]

Traditions Ez Clean™ Patches

A must have cleaning accessory to reduce your time cleaning. 2½" cleaning patches pre-soaked in EZ-Clean™. [more]

Traditions 15' Cannon Fuse

Excellent for firing cannons, completely water resistant. Burn rate 1ft/30 seconds. [more]

Traditions 30" Solid Aluminum Ramrod 10/32"

Cut to desired length. [more]

Traditions One Piece 209 Thunder Dome Breech Plug

To give your Traditions In-line muzzleloader a super hot, reliable ignition, install this Thunder Dome Breech plug This system works with both loose and pelletized powder. For complete 209 conversion kits see A1510 and A1512. Note: Cannot be used with Pursuit Models. [more]

Traditions Ramrod Accessory Packs

Includes the most popular and useful ramrod attachments: cleaning brush, cotton swab, ball puller, cleaning/loading jag and patch puller. [more]

Traditions Adjustable Powder Measure

Measures exact loads from 5-120 grains. Non-spill swivel spout design levels the poured propellant, on closing. Solid brass. A must for safe, accurate shooting. [more]

424 Results
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